Snake Problem


  1. You have a reptile in your garden, home, office or work site etc.
  2. CALL US ON 0405 405 304 
  3. DO NOT go near the reptile, particularly if it is a snake or you are not sure what species it is. Keep pets and children away. STAY CALM
  4. If possible, take a photo on your phone and text it to us (ONLY if safe to do so).
  5. Try to keep tabs on the animal while ensuring to keep your distance.
  6. Wait for us to arrive and point us in the right direction

REMEMBER snakes can move fast, particularly in hot weather, and they can strike out over large distances when aggravated. DO NOT attempt to catch the snake or get a good look up close…that’s our job!


IMPORTANT: If you or someone else has been BITTEN call 000 (or 112 from a mobile) immediately. DO NOT CALL US FIRST. Keep as still as possible and apply first aid (compression bandage) to the affected limb until help arrives.


Red-Bellied Black Snake
Red-Bellied Black Snake

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