Reptile Identification

The ACT has got a large diversity of reptiles, roughly 52 species. This includes 7 species of venomous snakes. All Australian native reptiles, including venomous snakes, are protected by law. It is ILLEGAL to harm or kill them under both state and federal law – and you risk getting a bite in doing so.

Some of the larger reptiles you will comely encounter include the:

  • Eastern brown snake (Pseudonaja textilis)
  • Red- bellied black snake (Pseudechis porphyriacus)
  • Tiger snake (Notechis scutatus)
  • Eastern blue-tongue lizard (Tiliqua scincoides scincoides)
  • South-eastern shingleback (Tiliqua rugosa aspera)
  • Gippsland’s water dragons (Intellagama lesueurii howittii)
  • Cunningham’s skink (Egernia cunninghami)

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