About Us

Welcome to Canberra’s premier reptile catching service. We specialise in removing unwanted venomous snakes and other reptiles from your home, office or worksite, servicing Canberra and the Australian Capital Territory under licence for catch and release by the ACT Government. We have been granted the first ever licence in the ACT for catch and release of reptiles, commencing in December 2015. 

Our aim is to protect our native reptile fauna and provide a safe environment for fellow Canberrans. We will come out to your home or business with our trained staff (whom have years of experience with reptiles) and specialist equipment to remove any reptile (fees apply). We love reptiles, yes even the dangerous ones! All reptiles will be caught in a humane way as safely as possible for animal and human alike. Venomous snakes will be relocated away from your premises. Lizards (including large species such as blue-tongues and shinglebacks) will only be moved if necessary. We are always happy to have a chat over the phone if you just need some advice, or someone to help ID a reptile for you.

It is illegal to harm or kill our native wildlife, including venomous snakes. A licence is required to remove and relocate them in any state or territory, and we are the very first private business venture to be granted such a licence in the ACT after much hard work. We are qualified in venomous snake and other reptile catch and release, and first aid trained. 


Canberra's Premier Reptile Catchers